Radioshow V6.5 : Guest DJ Azari and III

DJ Azari & III

Thema choosen by Azari 1 III:
It is never too late to be what you might have been.


Who is Azari & III and how it all began ?

It began winter 08 with an introduction through mutual friends, it quickly became an endless series of studio nights and afternoon email/shrink sessions.

Concerning music making, what sort of inspiration does usually lead your songwriting process?

We will be struck by something we hear out and about, or online, or one of us will have something ringing around in our head and we’ll try to materialize it in the studio. After a few rounds of inspiration and inebriation you get a deft turn of phrase that has a deeper meaning.

Do you always write together or some variation of the two?

We do write together, though some inspiration can come separately and we’ll convene to work it out, try to convince the other that it’s something worth laying down. It’s a duocracy.

What are you trying to convey through your music? When you’re composing and recording what feelings are you trying to invoke in listeners?

We run through an array of feelings and emotions, highs and lows and murky neither here nor theres. We hope to provide an evolving aural experience for the listener, a repetitious groove for the dancer, and an acute vision of hope and despair, love and longing for those who listen into the lyrics.

What was the genesis of Reckless (with your love) ? your last release out on permanent vacation…

The new generation of fearless invincibles who don’t seem to be aware of the travesty of their forerunners. The voice sings to empower itself to break free from the reckless lover, the reckless friends, the reckless abandon of youth. Sometimes, you just got to count your blessings and move on before tragedy ensues.

What can we expect from Azari & III in 2010 ?

Lots of records, shows and remixes.

If Azari & III was a record label, whom artists would you like to work with…

Rhianna? Radioslave, Beyond the Wizards Sleeve, The Field, Kevin Drew, Loving Hand, Frankie Bones…

Each radioshow we make has a proverbe, is there a proverbe you actually like and want to share with us ?

It is never too late to be what you might have been.

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