Proverbe.exe V6.12 – Guest Dj Mike Clark

Mike Agent X Clark, a native Detroiter, founder of Strictly Beatdown and Beatdown sounds has worked with major dance labels such as Underground Resistance, Nite Groove, Planet E and Third Ear to name a few of them. We are glad to share with you an exclusive new mix with unreleased tracks Mike made for us … and his interview. Enjoy! Mike’s proverbe : Life is full of cycles, within a ... read more

Proverbe.exe V6.11 – Guest Dj Daniel Wang

EXCLU : Here’s the lastest Daniel Wang track! A little link for a big musical trip… The Daniel’s proverbe : I knew i would cross this river one day but until this moment, i did not know that it would be today. Daniel Wang’s Interview 1)What are your biggest musical influences ? In learning about dance music, obviously those 10 years i spent in downtown New York taught me... read more