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Daniel Wang

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The Daniel’s proverbe : I knew i would cross this river one day but until this moment, i did not know that it would be today.

’s Interview

1)What are your biggest musical influences ?

In learning about dance music, obviously those 10 years i spent in downtown New York taught me so so much.  Listening to Danny Krivit and David Mancuso play those Salsoul and Loft classics, at empty late night parties with great sound systems… but my past 7 years in Berlin have given me maybe much more knowledge and a new sense of direction.  Thereminist Pamelia Kurstin and Dr. Bob Moog gave me a much deeper understanding of instruments and harmony; and i spend much more time now listening to The Carpenters and The Singers Unlimited, and appreciating the beauty of pieces by Ravel,
Debussy, Satie.  Composers like Cole Porter (jazz standards) and Rod Temperton (G.Benson, M. Jackson, Heatwave) are my heroes.  Great jazz, pop music, rock or dance music are all based on universal principles of rhythm, harmony and sound production, and although i might never reach their level, these musicians inspire me.

2) What are you trying to convey through your music? When you are composing and recording what feelings are you trying to invoke in listeners?

I think the fault of many of my earlier pieces was a tendency toward minor keys and melancholy, which is not my nature, but i just ended up composing in those modes.  In my new songs i try to convey more joy or tranquility or complexity.  More major and minor key shifting.  Most of all, probably always beauty and fascination, with colors and textures and shapes, but the feelings which they evoke up are to the listener!

3) What is your attitude or approach towards sampling?

Obviously my first records were all made from samples, because that was just normal in those days, but even then my attitude was a bit ironic.  I really hate it now when people build their whole song and career on samples though.  Dance music today ought to be beyond that stage.  I like a great disco re-edit which respects the sound quality and song structure of the original — some classic disco can be improved or modified.  But taking someone else’s idea and hardly changing it — im not concerned with the legal aspect, but the artistic and aesthetic expression — that’s just stealing, it’s stupid and boring.

4) In most cases digital sales have overtaken vinyl sales nowadays. Which one do you prefer, vinyl or digital?

I really love both!!  i have digital tracks which i play constantly, the sound quality is amazing — sometimes better than the original LP pressing — and i dont have to worry about damaging the vinyl.  But i notice, when i really want to « mix », overlayering beats for example, i still prefer vinyl which i can touch and hold.

5) About vinyls, why are there so many limited editions.? Is it important to make music collectable and rare?

I think great music should be as accessible as possible.  All those classic jazz, funk, disco records — many sold 200,000, maybe 500,000 copies!
If it’s great music, it should be shared and owned by everyone. Music is a very democratic enjoyment in this sense.  The LP you get for 10 euros at a flea market today is exactly the same copy which some millionaire bought for himself in 1981.  Rare LPs do not always contain great music, it’s the cult of the consumer object which creates these artifical prices.

6) Recent tracks, releases or artists that you enjoyed the most ?

There is one disco track on FEED RECORDINGS by DJ KOOL DUST called ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS which i really like.  And some Ilija Rudman trancey house track called UMMA.  But those are DJ tools.  I really like this French boy named Jules Etienne who lives in Berlin, he sings and plays the guitar. His new album called SHORT STORIES and is bellisimo!

7) Each radioshow we make has a proverbe, is there a proverbe you actually like and want to share with us ?

Something oriental probably! I think there is a famous japanese Zen poem: « I knew i would cross this river one day but until this moment, i did not know that it would be today. » Something like that.

8) Any aditional info you would like to share with our followers will be more than welcome…

I would only like to say,  » After finishing renovating my little apartment and music studio in Berlin, i will dedicate myself to making a fantastic new album, so please dont think ive disappeared and only like to play records now.   » ;-D

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