Proverbe.exe V6.12 – Guest Dj Mike Clark

Mike Clark

Mike Clark, a native Detroiter, founder of Strictly Beatdown and Beatdown sounds has worked with major dance labels such as Underground Resistance, Nite Groove, Planet E and Third Ear to name a few of them.

We are glad to share with you an exclusive new mix with unreleased tracks Mike made for us … and his interview. Enjoy!

Mike’s proverbe : Life is full of cycles, within a circle

Interview :

1) What are your biggest musical influences? how does it all started ?

My biggest are Herbie Hancock, Parliament Funkadelic, Roy Ayers, Gil Scott Heron, EWF, George Duke, Quincey Jones, Cameo, Martin Circus, Peter Brown,Leroy Burgess, Colonel Abrams.  I used to listen to their music and harmonies and they were so inspiring to me.

2) What are you trying to convey through your music? When you’re composing and recording what feelings are you trying to invoke in listeners?

The feeling I get, strong spiritual vibrations, dance hard! Have true experience! A feeling you wont forget and want more of.

3) In most cases digital sales have overtaken vinyl sales these days. Which one do you prefer, vinyl or digital?  Do you think vinyl will keep going or disappear eventually?

I don’t really have a strong preference, really. I will always love vinyl but everything is done digitally. Now in business you juggle with both :  it’s evolution vs originality. I’m a product of both ! I started with turntables, cassettes and reel to reel and now it’s turntables and mp3s. Vinyl will never disappear but the fate of its usage depends on the future generation.

4) About vinyl edits, why are there so many limited editions? Is it important to make music collectible and rare?

No I really think it depends on the individual making them but also on the business. I guess what we do isn’t open enough to have a major push behind the edit to create a mass market and the original labels aren’t backing them all. It’s just a question of communication issues I guess.

5) Recent tracks or artists that you enjoyed the most ?

Right now this very second I’m feeling a track that Phil Asher sent me « Textya » a rhythm track with an African speech that’s out of the gate!

6) tell us more about the mix you have  chosen to share with us.

Its a mix with a lot of great tunes that I received and that I bought.
I hope that listeners will feel the variety I put in there

7) Each radioshow we make has a proverbe, is there a proverbe you actually like and want to share with us ?

Life is full of cycles, within a circle, things repeat themselves but in a different way : ups and downs, good and bad, negative and positive. I like to think of it as well as the yin yang, the symbol of life! To understand that it is to understand life!

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